Polimer PM-65

Polimer PM-65
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Technical data
Curing temperature50 – 130 °C
Program time1 – 60 min.
Air pressuremax. 6 bars
Industrial protectionIP 20
Weight12 kg
Power consumption16 A
Dimensions (width x height x depth)330x445x280 mm
Ambient relative humiditymax. 70 %
Storage temperature5 – 40 °C
Operating temperature15 – 40 °C
Electric protection classI.
Power Consumption2300 W
Mains frequency~50 Hz
Rated power~230 V
Volume6.5 liter

Warranty terms and conditions

Warranty and liability

We provide 2 years warranty period for our products indicated with manufacturing serial number according to our general sales and delivery conditions

  • Appeals concerning warranty and liability due to persons or damage to equipment are invalid if the damage occured for any following reasons
  • Incorrect instalation, operation, assembly or maintenance of the machine
  • The machine is installed or with foulty safety devices or operating with incorrecty security and safety devices
  • Ignoring the instructions for transport, storage, assembly, operation and maintenance
  • Lack of regular checking of the worn parts
  • Structural changes on the machine without permission
  • Repairs carried out incorrectly
Sárik Márton


Sárik Márton

Tel: +36 1 251 4944
E-mail: szerviz@pidental.hu


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